Thursday, April 23, 2009

Senior Banquet

The first senior class at PCS graduates this year! Chris and I went to the Senior Banquet this past Friday evening. It was lots of fun and very nice. We haven't had an occasion to dress-up/go out without the kids in a long time. Here's our picture! Chris actually did have a good time, despite his lack of excitement with pictures. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009


We went to Cornerstone with Anne`, Travis, Landon and Ava for Easter. Michael really enjoyed his first egg hunt and playing on the inflatable slide. Meredith had a good time taking everything in while Mommy took pictures.

Get ready! (Anne`, Ava, and Landon on far left)

I'm supposed to do what?!?

Okay, I think I get it...

You'll keep them safe, right Dad?

This is great!

The loot! (Sorry, can't seem to get it to rotate!)


Hey, look! There's stuff inside these too!

Yay for giant slides!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Pictures

In no particular order...

Meredith trying desperately to crawl!

Teething is a rough business...

But, we try to keep a positive outlook!

Happy to be at the zoo!

Playing with lots of fun toys!

Sweet smiles for Mommy.

Daddy and Michael playing in the creek at HSV Botanical Gardens.

Michael playing on the bamboo trail at Nashville Zoo.

Learning how to blow bubbles with Mommy.


??? Part 2

??? Part 3 -
He wasn't in a bad mood, just gave me these weird looks!

I love this picture! I really want this to be in my yard!
HSV Botanical Gardens

Random plants I thought looked neat.
HSV Botanical Gardens

I thought this looked like mommy and baby tulips.
HSV Botanical Gardens

Giant old dogwood
HSV Botanical Gardens

Giant bugs exhibit
HSV Botanical Gardens

Giant bugs exhibit
HSV Botanical Gardens

Lone tulip
HSV Botanical Gardens