Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ear, Egg, Elephant, E, E, E

Meredith has ear infections. :( Yes, two of them. The doctor thinks its because all four of her top teeth are coming in at once! The drainage from the extra drooling is likely the cause of the infections. She's doing pretty well, considering. She is a bit cranky and clingy, but I totally understand why!
She's getting better and better at walking! Yay! However, she is excellent at climbing... apparently she's been watching Michael too much. ;) Today she learned how to climb on the little chair, then the little table, then onto our bed... all to get to Daddy! It was really cute!

Michael is a crazy talker! He talks constantly and is super curious about everything. It's so much fun! I am constantly amazed at how fast he learns new words and sometimes I don't even know where he learns things (all good, of course!). He loves being outside, especially as the weather is getting so nice. School is one of his favorite activities - he loves his friends!
The newest thing for Michael is his imagination! He is totally getting into creative play. For example, he is using his blocks to make "cakes." I don't know where he gets that from, lol! He also builds elaborate creations with his blocks and has definite opinions as to what he has made.
Michael continues to do great with pottying... we're still working on #2 in the potty, but he is totally pee-pee trained during the day. Most mornings he is dry, but none of us are ready to go without pull-ups at night. :)

Everything is going super great with school. I love teaching every day, particularly since I get done at 12:30! It's a perfect schedule. :) We're all so busy, but it's fun!