Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No crayons in your nose

Why is this something you have to tell children? Shouldn't that be clear... stuff comes out of your nose... nothing goes into your nose!

Turns out that "Mommy, crayon nose" is not something you want to hear first thing in the morning. Bath crayons are soft and wimpy... until they're in a nose. Then they turn stiff and unyeilding. Fortunately tweezers were on hand and the crayon was safely rescued! Then Michael felt compelled to announce... "more crayon nose, Mommy." Did I cry... No, but I wanted to!! No more crayons were to be found in the nose and the green residue on the "other nose" matched the crayon on the shower floor. Now he has a beautiful purple and green nose. Yay.

I know Mom... I put stuff in my nose and didn't tell anyone. But WHY!?! That's what's perplexing.

Have a great day everyone... I know I will! :)

PS - I don't feel like writing another post, but Michael did #2 in the potty yesterday! Hooray! He's doing so great! Only 1 pull-up per night and that's it - underwear all day long!