Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meredith the Hoodlum

Meredith has decided that she likes to wear Michael's Elmo hat. It's super funny as she runs around destroying things like a hoodlum. So we call her either Destructor or the Hoodlum. :) What I think is hilarious is that she always picks the days that she's wearing girly dresses to do this... it's so incongruous, but cute! More pics on Picasa of this hilarity.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Picasa Update

Katie's awesome pics of the kids are on Picasa now! Check them out! :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Katie took some pics of the kids yesterday... they are super! Here is a sneak peek! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Katie and Philip came over to celebrate with us. We had tons of fun playing with the kiddos, making (and eating!) pizza, and then we went to see the Bridge Street fireworks. Katie made this awesome collage of some of the pics she took, and I stole it from her blog. :) So here you go!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Caprese Salad and Bison Burgers

Yummo! This is a knock-off of Caprese salad... it has fresh mozzerella, fresh tomatoes, a yummy garlic oil dressing, balsamic vinegar, and some garlic salt. No basil because I don't really care for it! Mix well and eat with a fork! We were a EarthFare a few weeks ago when this was one of their samples, but they were out of the garlic oil dressing, so we couldn't get any. But they were back in stock when we went this week, so yay! Both kiddos like it too... which is good, but then I have to share it. :( I made 2 giant bowls of it this week and we've eaten it all!

Bison burgers... we had those yesterday... no pics, sorry, but they look just like regular hamburgers, so you can just imagine. :) They were really delicious! Bison is apparently quite good for you, but we've never had it before. I would get it again.

Did I mention we love EarthFare?!?! lol Really though, it is awesome! I still like Publix/Target for basics, but EarthFare is great for meats and produce. :)

Potty Training... Round 2

Well, Meredith has been "working" on potty training for about 3 months now. And by working on it, I mean that I'm the one working while she ignores me with a super-cute smile. So, I decided to give up for a while a few months ago. While the kids were with Mom a few weeks ago, Mom started training her again. Once again, Meredith participated wonderfully, having very few accidents. Then, after we got back home, she went back to her old way of refusing to participate. I was so frustrated with her since I know she knows what to do, but just refuses. One day, we had a little talk... that day was the last day she wore diapers/pullups. She has now been daytime potty trained - including trips to the store! - for about 10 days now! She wears pullups to nap/bed, but has only woken up wet once!

So, Meredith is potty-trained! YAAAAAY!!!!!! I am so happy to not be changing diapers anymore! :) Michael is now nap-trained as well and doing very well working on night-time training... he's been getting up at least once per night to potty, but usually still has a wet pullup in the mornings. But, I'm still super happy with his progress!