Thursday, October 6, 2011

Michael - Schoolwork

This is Michael's first time copying sentences... not tracing.  :)  He works very hard making his letters correctly. I am super proud of him!  He's also memorizing the verses he copies; so far he's learning one each week.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Stuff that's been happening...

Here's an update for you guys.  :)

Michael has been working very diligently on his school work (Kindergarten for those who don't know yet!).  He really enjoys the work, for the most part, and is doing wonderfully.  He read his first sentences last week... I almost cried, haha.  His handwriting has improved dramatically and he is quite excited about learning to read and write.  He is also working on memorizing various information, from Bible verses to his address, facts about the alphabet (vowels, consonants, sounds, etc) to capitalization rules.  :)  So far our biggest struggle has been getting him to focus on his work rather than trying to help/correct Meredith.  Other than school, Michael is growing up so fast and is a great help to me on a daily basis.  He is always willing to get something I need or to play with and take care of Jonathan.  He is fascinated with computers and other technology... I know, not really surprising, lol.  He enjoys playing his computer games and loves to watch Daddy play his tank game.

Meredith is working on pre-writing skills... tracing shapes, lines, letters, etc.  She also is working on identifying letters and numbers.  She knows almost all upper/lowercase letters and some single-digit numbers.  She can count almost to 20 and knows all of the letter sounds.  She enjoys listening to Michael's lessons and participates in most of the lessons as well.  She likes having her worksheets and activities to complete while Michael works.  The biggest struggle we've had with school has been having enough activities for her to work on individually while I work with Michael.  Since her work doesn't take nearly so long to complete, she starts getting antsy while waiting for Michael to finish.  Fortunately, she will play with her toys in her room by herself for awhile.  Meredith is a great helper as well!  She loves Jonathan and is always willing to help entertain him.  She is getting increasingly independent and wants to do so much by herself.  She can usually buckle herself into the car seat, which is a great help to me!  She loves to sing, dance, and color, and is almost constantly talking.  :)

Jonathan is crawling like a maniac now!  He loves being able to go places by himself.  :)  He is also working on pulling up on the furniture.  He can pull up on shorter surfaces, like the kids' chairs and the ottoman, but can't quite reach the couches and tables.  He stands for a long time, occasionally moving his feet, but not cruising yet, before plopping back down on the floor.  He cut his first tooth on the 1st and is working diligently on the second tooth now.  He still is an awesomely laid-back baby.  He is so easy-going and fun!  He rarely cries, except when he needs something; even then, he stops crying as soon as someone gets him.  I am so blessed with all three of these wonderful kiddos!

New baby... Not much to talk about there.  :)  S/he's growing well, wiggling around great, not making me too sick.  I am exhausted, but not sure how much is the baby's fault and how much is just having 3 little ones already, lol.  My next appt is the 12th, just a check-up, so probably not much to tell about then.  Hopefully we will have the anatomy ultrasound somewhere around the second week of November.  Fingers crossed for a cooperative baby!   Then the fun of name-choosing begins.  :P  Maybe this one will be named before the records people get grumpy again, haha.

Okay, I'm done.  I'll work on getting some pictures online this week!