Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Boy Bed Update

I would like to announce that we have successfully made the transition to the big boy bed! Yay! And it's much earlier than I had even hoped it would happen. :) Michael is so funny... we put him down in his bed and he will NOT get out of it. He will flop around and cry until he falls asleep (unless he's really tired, then he's just out!). When he wakes up he crawls onto his pillow and leans against the headboard crying until someone gets him. The only way he'll get out of his bed is if you leave the door open; I think he knows that even if he gets out of bed, he still can't open the door by himself. This weekend Chris and I are going to move the crib out of his room - that's going to be a pain since it has to be almost completely disassembled to fit out of the door. Yuck :(
I am so proud of Michael (in case you couldn't tell). Next is potty training... he already is pleased with himself when he pees on the floor. Haha (not!). Seriously though, he brings me diapers and wipes when he needs to be changed, which certainly can't be a bad sign!


katie said...

Isn't it crazy how fast he's growing up???

Aunt Rabyn said...

Oh, Michael! You are so grown up!!!