Friday, May 29, 2009

Doctor Visit Update

Michael and Meredith had Dr's appts this week. Here are their current stats!

Michael - 2 year appt.
  • 25.5 pounds - 15th-%ile
  • 34.5 inches - 25th-%ile
  • 49.5 cm - head circumference - 60th-%ile

Meredith - 9 month appt.
  • 17 pounds, 13 ounces - 25th-%ile
  • 26.75 inches - 25th-%ile
  • 45.5 cm - head circumference - 75th-%ile

So basically I have short, skinny kids with giant heads! I keep telling myself it's to hold their giant brains... right?!?!

Michael is practically a 3-year-old based on his developmental questionnaire. Dr said he was doing great! Meredith is right on track for her developmental age and is also doing great. :)

Michael needs to work on jumping forward (not just up) and dressing himself. Meredith needs to get better communicating without crying and should be working on standing alone and walking.

Playing with the blocks

Learning how to stack by watching big brother :)

All done with blocks... now on to squishing Michael

Serious crawling!

Don't know what was going on here... I just love it though!

Showing Mommy his drawing

Being terribly cute with Grandma!

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