Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another potty update

Yay! Michael is doing so great with his potty-training! He's trying #2 on the potty now... doesn't quite get the right idea yet, but he's trying. This is great because it means he doesn't wear pull-ups at all during the day - no more diaper changes - hooray! I'm sure he'll have it down in another day or so. Next is night-time training... not sure how that's going to work yet. He does have a little potty in his room in case he wakes up during nap-time; maybe that's what he can use at night too. Maybe I'll just give it a try one night and not put him in pull-ups. I wonder if Meredith is ready yet - I'd love to be totally done with diapers (just kidding, well, at least about Meredith being ready... I'm ready to be done with diapers!).

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