Friday, August 21, 2009

Life is crazy...

and awesome! School is going well... I hardly have time to blink before the day is over. My classes are great; I'm really enjoying everything. Michael and Meredith both love their classes. I have to drag Michael out the door most days.

Meredith is getting better and better at walking. She got another tooth on Tuesday, so now she has 1/2 of one tooth and 1/4 of another... almost a whole tooth now! ;)

Michael is talking like crazy... he wants to know everything! He knows pretty much all the main colors, can count to 13 (but he skips 5, on purpose, and 12). His favorite shapes are triangles and circles, and he can name and draw them. He loves animals and vehicles.

I haven't uploaded new pictures lately... sorry! Chris got me a laptop for my birthday and I'm still working on how to deal with my pictures. Right now they're still on my old computer and it's usually off. Hopefully I'll get some new ones up soon. :)

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