Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Picasa and Other Updates

Hello, all!

I have finally updated Picasa.  There is a gap where I'm missing some pictures... I moved them to the back-up drive before I added them to Picasa, so one day I'll go back and add those.  :)  But I've added the pictures from my camera dating back to Meredith's birthday.

New stuff...
Michael just started karate... he's not too confident yet, but he does enjoy it once he gets into class.  :)  School is going great!  He's reading now!!!!  Today he read a 7-sentence story about a cat and a rat, lol.  He is doing addition facts in math and LOVES it!
Meredith is doing gymnastics and not only does she absolutely love it, but she's actually pretty good at it!  Her teachers have mentioned how well she is doing for just having started.  :)  In school she is beginning to write/copy/trace letters and is progressing very quickly.  I am amazed at how many letters she already can write (before practicing) and how fast she is improving.
Jonathan is growing so quickly!  He's got 2 teeth and is working on several more.  He can crawl like a maniac, pulls to stand on everything, and is already cruising along the furniture!  He tries to stand up in the middle of the room sometimes and gets quite frustrated when he can't do it.  :)  His favorite subject is eating, lol.  He really eats anything and everything!  Recently he's decided that he loves broccoli - yay - and can really pack it away!
New baby seems to be doing great as well.  My next appt is Nov. 9th and is the anatomy ultrasound, so hopefully we'll know the gender after that!  My blood pressure is high, as usual, but seems to be holding steady, so I haven't had to increase my medicine dosage yet.  :)  Again, I'll try to remember to update after the next appt.  No names, for either gender, yet... pray for my sanity as we go through this gauntlet once again.  :P
Oh!  We got a new car!  Hooray!!!!!  Well, new to us anyway.  It's a 2009 Ford Expedition EL... same thing as a Suburban, just the Ford version.  I absolutely am thrilled with the car.  It fits all of us, with room for the new baby, 2 extra passengers, and groceries/luggage!  We have been really struggling with what to do about a vehicle and were extremely grateful when we found one in our price range and with excellent mileage/features AND that Mom was still around to hassle the salesman for us!
We are all looking forward to our Houston Thanksgiving trip and can't wait to try our new car on an adventure!

Love to all!

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